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B G Mudd 500 w/ Turquoise Buckle Set 1.5

B G Mudd 500 w/ Turquoise Buckle Set 1.5

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Artist: B G Mudd
Buckle Size: 1 1/2"
Material: Sterling Silver and Turquoise
Origin: Handmade in New Mexico
Shown With:
Fits Belt Widths: 1 1/2" straight

SKU# 3822

Belts and Buckles are each sold separately.

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Sterling silver and turquoise belt buckle set handcrafted by Native Americans in the Gallup, New Mexico studios of B G Mudd. Founded 43 years ago by Gary Gordon, who entered the southwest jewelry scene as a pioneer of inlay jewelry, B. G. Mudd continues to produce iconic designs of sterling silver or 14kt, as well as 18kt, gold with natural stone inlay, highly regarded for their superior craftsmanship. There is a newness to the designs of B. G. Mudd that continues to attract and add to its loyal following, while influencing and serving as inspiration to the jewelry of the region. This gives B G Mudd a timeless look you can proudly wear in any setting.  

Tom Taylor buckles and handmade leather belt straps are sold separately.