"Quality, professionalism and going the extra mile only partly describe the products and staff at Tom Taylor Belts and Buckles both in person and over the telephone. I purchased my first belt while visiting the Sante Fe store over ten years ago. I have since purchased belts and buckles, with the wonderful assistance of their qualified and honest sales staff over the telephone and online. All products are of the highest quality and just as described in their online catalogue. If one is looking for an original belt or buckle, Tom Taylor is the first and last place to look!"

Jed W, Collierville, TN

"Tom Taylor gave me the best customer service experience! I was shopping for a stingray purse and made several trips to their store. They were never pushy and even offered to order a different style for me out of the many styles they had. They spent a lot of time with me and allowed me, my own, unhurried decision. I would highly recommend them for their knowledge and professionalism. They know their products and their stingray line will last forever and are hard to find! Will definitely be back!

Taylor F, Houston, TX

"Over the years I have purchased 5 belts, some custom made. I have always experienced friendly, knowledgeable assistance. The quality of their belts is excellent. I have looked elsewhere in Santa Fe but have found that their belts are fairly priced and worth it. Even if not shopping, when I visit Santa Fe, I always stop in to admire the craftsmanship of the buckles. Great location in La Fonda Hotel when walking around town."

Robin N, Annapolis, MD

"High quality; great pricing and great staff!"

Bob M, Santa Fe, NM

"I brought in a belt buckle purchased from an artist selling on the Plaza and was looking for a simple bridle leather belt for this piece. They were able to help me find a belt that showed off my work of art and fit me perfectly. Being familiar with artists in Santa Fe and at the Palace of the Governors, they were also able to tell more about the piece I just purchased. I purchased a modest belt and was treated like I was buying a heckuva lot more than that."

John H, Santa Fe, NM

"I purchased several belts from previous ownership. Needed belts shortened and purchased one new belt; owner Kim could have very easily sold me another buckle yet she only sold (had the tip made to match existing buckle) me a new tip and suggested I swap the buckle part out when needed. They altered two belts without charging. GREAT SERVICE and honest!!! I will absolutely continue to do business with Tom Taylor."

Dave G, Cummings, GA

"I came to buy myself a new belt and buckle but left with a beautiful bracelet for my lady. The selection here is exquisite, unique and thoughtful. The artists are just that. There is no run of the mill here. The jewelry is unique, Southwest and very proud of itself. The store help is patient and will work with you. The bracelet I bought was a bit too big. They made another one slightly smaller – no extra charge – no long wait. Buy it once buy it right – have a good time."

Tad S, Waterbury, CT

"While looking through the store and trying to decide on a belt to buy the gentleman there polished my old buckle and also my sister’s. I came back later and bought the belt. I have since ordered a belt and buckle online and had great service over the phone. My only wish is that the vault was open more than once a year."

Christine V, Incline Village, NV

"I purchased some handmade leather goods here after several visits, this is a beautiful store and their merchandise is great! I think my favorite piece is my stingray wallet. I have had it two years now and it still looks brand new. Also I love my money clip and belt. Thanks for being a great store!"

JP, Broomfield, CO

"I purchased my first buckle set from the TOM TAYLOR just after he set up shop in Santa Fe. Since then I have purchased several belts and two other buckle sets. They have always been very helpful and a joy to do business with."

Thomas D, Duluth, GA

"My girlfriend visited this store while she was there and bought me a buckle as a present last year, and I bought another one this year. Their service is terrific and their buckles are just great, quality is top notch and good quality silver to boot. I wouldn’t hesitate buying anything from them, I have also bought belts from them and have never been disappointed."

Will V, Manhattan, NY

"All my life I’ve been at “WAR” when buckling up my belt, instead of squishing (Tom Taylor’s new management provides a helpful illustration of right and wrong). As a result the exquisite lizard-skin belt I bought there some time back had started to develop fault lines prematurely. On my recent visit to Santa Fé the elegant Kim Spiers got her talented elves to restore it beautifully, free of charge. Now that’s service! Great store."

Geoff, Arlington, TX

"I’ve purchased a bunch of belts, a bunch of buckles and even some cuff links. I always have a tough time deciding which ones to wear as I love ’em all. We had some trouble with some custom made stuff and Kim stood behind the work all the way. The final products were great. Not much reason to go to any other store if you want classic Southwestern items at a fair price."

Russ C, Austin, TX

"I purchased several belts from previous ownership. Needed belts shortened and purchased one new belt; owner Kim could have very easily sold me another buckle yet she only sold (had the tip made to match existing buckle) me a new tip and suggested I swap the buckle part out when needed. They altered two belts without charging. GREAT SERVICE and honest!!! I will absolutely continue to do business with Tom Taylor."

Dave G, Cummings, GA

"My husband purchased a belt with a sterling/stone inlay buckle for my birthday over two years ago. Not only is the buffalo belt-part very high quality, but the craftsmanship on the buckle, keepers, and tip are exquisite! I believe the name of the buckles is “Mudd”. I can’t speak highly enough of Tom Taylor Belts and Buckles! The man who assisted us in selecting the belt/buckle combo was very knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. After we looked at Tom Taylor, my husband and I waited to make the purchase so that we could comparison shop. We spoke with several other merchants. As far as quality products and courteous service, we both thought that Tom Taylor was the best. I still wear the belt just about every day I wear jeans. Thank you, Tom Taylor!"

Mary Ann H, Glenwood AL

"Amazing selection, super friendly and helpful owners and staff! Tom Taylor is always one of our first stops when we visit Santa Fe. I’d give it even more stars if I could!"

Susan, M., Arlington, VA

"I purchased a belt and ranger set several years ago. I spent several days debating the issue, made multiple visits to the store before finally purchasing a belt and ranger set. The staff could not have been more patient or helpful. I wore the belt for years until it was stolen. I intend to return to Tom Taylor to get a replacement. I know they do not frequently discount but I am a firm believer you get what you pay for. We thoroughly enjoy the store and the knowledgeable staff."

Dick, G, Fresno CA

"I bought a belt here in the 1980s shortly after the store opened and when Tom Taylor was alive. This year I was back in Santa Fe and revisited the store to buy new leathers for this buckle and others. Had a wonderful chat with the owner/staff and they were most helpful and patient and followed up by email. There’s no hard sell in this store, unlike so many on the Plaza. The store takes pride in their wares and their service. Altogether a lovely experience and memory of Santa Fe."

Henry M Manhattan, NY

"Tom Taylor is one of my favorite stops in Santa Fe. I have a belt, buckle and iPad bag that are made by American craftsmen and styled uniquely. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable."

John J, Reading, PA

"I first bought a custom belt and buckle in 2006. Wore it so much that the belt had to be replaced. Conducted the entire repair process online and couldn’t be happier with both the service and the result. It was a custom-made belt and they were able to match it through their stable of craftspeople. Their selection and product quality are superior to anything I’ve found, not to mention incredibly unique."

Dennis Y, Vallejo, CA

"Very high quality products across many leathers. Best belt I have ever purchased–tough as nails!"

Richard Z, Portola Valley, CA

"Great artisan products and excellent service."

Michael K, Louisville, CO

"Visited Tom Taylor Belts and Buckles when vacationing in Santa Fe last fall. We had seen their beautiful belts and I wanted my husband to have one. The staff could not have been nicer or more accommodating! We spent a great deal of time agonizing over which belt, buckle, tip etc. and were so pleased with the final result. So pleased that our friends who introduced us to Tom Taylor bought my husband another belt in a different color and I bought an additional tip and surprised him at Christmas with a new look. He now has the luxury of changing the belt to suit his needs. We are hooked on the product quality and fabulous customer service!"

Nena P, Morton IL

"Best belts and buckles anywhere. I’ve purchased products here for over 10 years."

George B, Wichita, KS

"This store is as good as it gets. It has a fantastic selection. I visited there when my daughter was on church choir tour last year and was blown away."

Michael C, Normal, IL

"Tom Taylor has an incredible and unique selection of gorgeous belts and buckles. It’s truly a joy to shop at their store, although I’m also thrilled that I can buy online as well. It’s one of the first places I pop into whenever I’m in Santa Fe. In fact, I rarely buy belts and buckles anywhere else. Great quality and great artisanship. I can’t wait for my next shopping spree!"

Tracy T, Newark, NJ