Tom Taylor's history is rooted in the lives of Tom and Jean Taylor, two traveling silversmiths, leather workers, and equestrians brought to together by their love of horses and exceptional craftsmanship. The couple began their journey into the belt and buckle business by exhibiting their personal silver and leather work at trade shows across the country, and eventually their success inspired the Taylors to set up shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Tom Taylor, 108 E. San Francisco Street. Santa Fe, NM


Sadly Tom passed away, leaving Jean to make the changes to Tom Taylor that have transformed the store into what it is today. Unable to sustain the store on her work alone, Jean used her expert knowledge of the industry to connect with the finest silversmiths and leatherworkers in the country. The buckle line was expanded to include local New Mexico artists and the belt selection grew to showcase the work of the finest American leather artists. Despite the changes brought about by Tom’s death, the store continued to flourish.

New owner, Kim Spiers, with Jean Taylor

In 2010 Jean retired, leaving Tom Taylor in the hands of Kim and Philip Spiers. Kim and Philip chose to maintain the integrity of Tom Taylor as a custom belt and buckle store — keeping belts and buckles the business’s primary focus. The couple continued to expand upon the range of artists that the store carried, ushering in modern styles that appealed to their out-of-state and international customers. They also began searching for high-quality handbags and accessories that would equal the elevated craftsmanship of their other merchandise. Tom Taylor now carries a distinctive line of purses, jewelry and accessories–handcrafted by the top artisans of the Southwest region.

Though Tom Taylor continues to evolve, what remains constant is a dedication to showcasing unique pieces of exceptional quality. Tom Taylor is committed to carrying merchandise that is predominantly made in the USA, and to supporting local New Mexico buckle artists. The smell of leather and walls of hanging multi-colored belts draw shoppers in off the street and small attention to details in store make their experience unforgettable. Add to this unique, one-of-a-kind products of the highest quality, and a friendly, knowledgeable, down-to-earth staff, and you have the perfect recipe for an exceptional shopping experience.