Collection: Stefano

Stefano is a European trained master goldsmith and certified gemologist.  Born and raised in Europe he has been fascinated by gemstones all of his life.

After finishing his apprenticeship with one of the world’s finest jewelers, Stefano continued his education by studying the art of designing jewelry.  In 1988, Stefano was certified as a gemologist by the German Gemological Association.

For over 30 years, Stefano has been dedicated to his passion for beauty and to sharing his extensive knowledge and craftsmanship with other jewelers.  Known for his exceptionally clean and high quality work, Stefano has been creating one of a kind custom pieces for customers all over the world.

TT: How did you get your start in jewelry design?

Stefano: I have always been fascinated by gemstones and wanted to create beautiful things with them to honor their beauty.

TT: When did you start designing for belt buckles?

Stefano: I made my first belt buckle in 1983 in brass, engraved with “ELVIS”.

TT: Who do you have in mind when you visualize your customers?

Stefano: People that appreciate the art of fine jewelry, high quality work, handcraft and design.

TT: What is the process you go through in creating a piece?

Stefano: The one thing that I’m still surprised about is that sometimes, I just wake up in the middle of the night with a picture, an idea, of a piece, in my head, completely finished and ready to be made. Other than that, it is some colors or patterns that catch my attention somewhere and give me an idea to make something with it.  From there it is hard work to figure out the nicest and best layout of lines, surfaces, color combination, patterns and all the variations of those.

TT: About how long does it take you?

Stefano: Depending on the piece or the idea, it can be from instant idea to a few hours of make something, to a concept that I had in mind for years and is still lingering there to be made.  Making these pieces is quite a challenge, since they are technically very difficult and require high skilled techniques. 

TT: What makes your particular craftsmanship unique?

Stefano: My style is unique because I like to do nice clean work and “pleasant” and appealing designs that are kind of different from other artists work.

TT: How do you know when a piece is truly finished?

Stefano: In general, a piece is finished when it leaves my work bench.  I don’t like short cuts and therefore the piece has to be complete to be delivered.  At the same time, all the pieces are part of a process, of work, of life and with that, a part of a constant process.

TT: What motivates you?

Stefano: The motivation for me is to create, to create beauty, and to look at something really beautiful when the piece is done.  Feeling this excitement, the tickling in my heart and stomach when I look at something really pretty.  It’s like a moment of peace, a moment of heaven.