Collection: Sunset Trails

Belt Buckle Designer

Sunset Trails started out in Los Angeles, California as a family company in the 1920’s. Owned by the Stanton family, Sunset Trails became known for their exemplary silver-work when it graced the wardrobes of movie stars like James Dean and Will Rogers.  Over the years, the Stanton’s acquired other legendary silversmiths such as the McCabe Silversmith Company.

Today, the legacy of Sunset Trails is carried on by Burns Saddlery.  Burns is the oldest same family owned western retail business in the world. Miles Lamonie Burns, cowboy, fine leather craftsman, blacksmith, musician, husband, father, and visionary, founded Burns in 1876. When handcrafting silver Sunset Trails belt buckles, Burns Saddlery uses the same machinery that the Stanton’s and the McCabe’s  used in the 20’s. Sunset Trails silver belt buckles still carry the same classic magic as they did a century ago.