Collection: Wendy Capek

Beaded Belt Designer and Jewelry Designer

Wendy Capek, the artist behind the beaded belts featured at Tom Taylor, has always had a spirit that leaned toward art and nature. Growing up, her family regularly ventured into and fished the outback of the Great Lakes region of the US and Canada. Beginning at age 5 and spanning over 25 years, Wendy studied and performed dance, experiencing the joy and power of costumed movement. Wendy also began to explore creating wearable art for dance and otherwise, eventually pursing an undergraduate degree in Fiber and Metal Art at the University of Illinois.

Later, Wendy moved to New Mexico and added a new chapter of nature experiences to her life. She began gardening, ranching, growing wool, and is currently herding yak. Now, in her third decade creating beaded art, Wendy still gathers inspiration from the earth.

Also adding to her inspiration were the childhood museum visits where she stood in wonder and recognition of the great cultures that lived close to the earth with their animals beside them, and made art, and danced.