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Richard Stump Ruby Heart One Piece Buckle 1.5

Richard Stump Ruby Heart One Piece Buckle 1.5

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Artist: Richard Stump
Buckle Size: 1.5"
Material: Sterling Silver with Gold and Rubies
Origin: Handmade in Santa Fe
Shown With:
Fits Belt Widths: 1 1/2" straight

SKU# 4681

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One of our western belt buckles for women, the Heart Belt Buckle is the ultimate mystique chosen by adventures bold enough to chase their dreams. Inspired by the awesome beauty of the Southern Rockies, where he ranches and guides elk hunts, Richard Stump puts his heart and soul into his stunning belt buckles and custom jewelry designs. This particular piece contains 14k gold and rubies set in sterling silver.  

Tom Taylor buckles and handmade leather belt straps are sold separately.