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Chris Pruitt Turquoise One Piece Buckle 1.0

Chris Pruitt Turquoise One Piece Buckle 1.0

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Artist: Chris Pruitt
Buckle Size: 1"
Material: Argentium Silver and Turquoise
Origin: Handmade in New Mexico
Fits Belt Widths: 1 1/4" tapered to 1"
1" straight

SKU# 10931

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Award-winning Native American silversmith and artist Chris Pruitt showcases his extraordinary talent with this turquoise and Argentium silver buckle.

Handcrafted from Argentium, the world's finest silver, Chris's jewelry is tarnish resistant.  Argentium is one of a new generation of silver alloys, 93.5% pure silver with germanium instead of copper.  Chris continues to take his silverwork to the next level.   

Tom Taylor buckles and handmade leather belt straps are sold separately.