Collection: Billy Sunday

From an early age Gary Wiles, founder of Billy Sunday Custom Leather, was an avid horseman. It only stood to reason that his attention would soon be drawn to equine equipment and the techniques used to produce fine quality products.

Gary started out making saddlebags, bridles, belts and chaps. His painstaking attention to detail gave each of his pieces a distinct personality.

As a businessman himself, it was Gary’s vision to create high performance leather briefcases that would survive the stresses of travel and have a professional boardroom appearance. He built many prototypes before settling on a handful of designs that met his expectations. He knew that his briefcases would not only need to be of the highest craftsmanship, but also highly functional; housing and protecting equipment and supplies needed for the office.

When Gary retired from business he was able to move to New Mexico and concentrate fulltime on his leatherwork. He uses only the finest vegetable- tanned leather and unique Amish harness hardware. Each piece is completely handcrafted, blending traditional techniques with modern technology.