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Billy Sunday Yellowstone Mini Messenger Bag

Billy Sunday Yellowstone Mini Messenger Bag

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Artist: Billy Sunday
Dimensions: 11" Width x 9" Height x 3" Depth
Material: American Bison Leather
Origin: Handmade in New Mexico

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The majestic American bison once roamed North America numbering around 60 million.  In the 19th century, due to commercial hunting and bovine diseases, bison became nearly instinct, down to only 541 animals.  Today, there are over 30,000 bison and they are raised primarily for their meat.  A byproduct of Bison meat are the hides that are tanned into leather.  Bison leather is not stretched during the tanning process creating a leather with a unique texture and that is 40% stronger than cowhide.

The Yellowstone bag collection from Billy Sunday is handmade entirely from bison leather.  Billy's thoughtful design and unique hardware, along with the beautiful texture and strength from the bison leather, creates a bag that is stylish, functional and will be treasured for a lifetime.