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Stefano Zia One Piece Buckle 1.25

Stefano Zia One Piece Buckle 1.25

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Artist: Stefano
Buckle Size: 1 1/4"
Material: Sterling Silver
Origin: Handmade in Santa Fe
Shown With: Cognac Ultra Crocodile Belt Straps
Fits Belt Widths: 1 1/4" straight

SKU# 7362

Belts and Buckles are each sold separately.

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Step up your style with a sterling silver Zia belt buckle, crafted by New Mexican silversmith, Stefano. Experience the beauty and meaning behind the Zia symbol, beloved in the Land of Enchantment, representing the four seasons, the four directions, the four parts of the day, and the four stages of life. Bring meaning and beauty to your outfit with this special piece.
Tom Taylor buckles and handmade leather belt straps are sold separately.